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Living off the Beaten Path — Melbourne’s Undiscovered Gems

With everything that 2020 had in store, it’s no surprise that so many of us have considered moving away from the city. To do this, and not sacrifice any of the amenities we’ve gotten accustomed to, we need to look for a specific type of suburb. To help make the search easier for you, we’ll be listing our top three up-and-coming suburbs that allow you to live slightly off the beaten path.

Pakenham East

Located 54 kilometres from Melbourne CBD, Pakenham has long since been one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the area. Moreover, because there has been such an interest in this suburb, the area had to be expanded and started overflowing in Pakenham East.

Now, this suburb is still in its infancy, but once completed, it’s going to offer 7200 new homes, and 1300 jobs. Additionally, plans include three primary schools and community centres, a high school and as much as 44 hectares worth of sporting reserves and parks.

In the near future, Pakenham East is going to become the place to live in, and many would-be homeowners and investors are seeing the potential. Our advice is, if you can, get your foot in the door and purchase real estate here sooner rather than later. In doing so, you’ll get a high ROI and/or a great place to call home.

Wyndham Vale

While Wyndham Vale isn’t the new kid on the block, it has seen incredible growth in recent years. Moreover, the suburb has become the hub of development, and so many new homes and entire neighbourhoods are being built.

Luckily, through all of these changes and growth, Wyndham Vale’s real estate market has remained stable. You can choose between older and newer properties, apartments and homes, renting and purchasing. Additionally, there’s still land for sale Wyndham Vale, which offers the highest ROI possible.

The caveat here is that recent trends indicate that this won’t be the case for much longer. With so many investors scoping out the area, and homeowners moving in, the prices could soon begin to skyrocket. Our advice — pick up a Wyndham Vale property before they’re all gone.


Donnybrook sits to the north of Melbourne, just off the Hume Freeway. The suburb is famous for its apple industry, and this is a great part of its identity.

Just like Pakenham East, Donnybrook is also in its early years, with plans of big growth in the near future. Namely, there are plans to create five town and five convenient centres, as well as ten private and public schools. Not to mention, the suburb will feature as much as 46 hectares of green areas, allowing for the perfect mix of city and village.

While there may not be a lot of hype around Donnybrook right now, many predict that it will soon be incredibly popular. So, you can take your time and make some trips to the area to see if it will offer a good investment or a place to call home.

Final Thoughts

All of these suburbs allow you to live away from the city noise while having everything you need — at an affordable price. Depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle, we hope you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you.

Why Part Time Business Courses Shine Through

Arch Training business courses Sydney isn’t always given much thought as potential students don’t think a part time course is suitable enough. Of course, there is always the risk of investing in a course and then ending up falling out half way through. However, if you have a great business idea, why not see the courses through? Part time business courses have become some of the best courses available and it’s something you could look into. So, why are part time business courses so popular?

You Can Still Work As You Study

Do you work? Do you want to own a business one day but aren’t sure how to start? A part time business course can be an ideal way for those who are interested in business and want to dip their feet into the water, visit for getting more knowledge on online business. However, the great thing about part time courses is that you can work as you learn. So, let’s say you work during the day; you could go to an evening or part time course and work around your working hours. That’s an ideal option for most and it’s something which you must consider too. Arch Training business courses Sydney can be a great solution for those who are interested in studying while more about business online business courses at

Why Part Time Business Courses Shine Through

You Learn What You Need To

Why choose a business course? Business courses are fantastic for those who are serious about business and want to get into this industry. Part time courses aren’t only ideal for newcomers, but also industry experts or those who have been working in the business sector for several years. Why does it matter if they’ve had a business or currently own a business? Well, it’s about offering people the way to learn far more. Arch Training business courses Sydney allows everyday people to learn more about business practices so they can make progress and further their business here to read more about online opportunists

Will Part Time Work For Your Business?

Not sure about part time business courses? You aren’t the only one who remains sceptical of them. In a way, you often think part time courses take twice as long to complete and in the end you’ll give up. However, if you find a great business course that you can commit to, you can find they work in the short and long-term. However, if you’re working or have a small business currently and want to study part time, you have to think about whether or not going part time will work. For example, can you commit to eight hours a week to the course at the very least? Arch Training business courses Sydney is ideal for a lot of people and they can work, as long as you’re able to commit.

Make Part Time Business Courses Work For You!

Part time business courses have become a useful concept for millions who are interested in creating a business or working in the business sector. Of course, most people think that just because a select few have become successful businessmen without any courses behind them, they don’t need to take any either. However, there are only a select few who reach the heights of success with having very minimal business knowledge or know-how. It’s worth getting onto a part time business course and they aren’t as costly as you might think. Arch Training business courses Sydney is useful for any serious businessman or woman!