How Much Does It Cost to Carpet a Garage?

There are a few key factors that will determine the price of installing carpet in your garage. So let’s take a look at what they are and how they impact the price.


The Quality of the Material and Make

The quality of the manufacturing process is typically the greatest indicator of the price of a garage carpet. There are three main categories you’ll come across when trying to decide on a garage carpet.

First, there are the low-quality, mass-produced Chinese carpets. Their appeal is that they tend to cost less than any other option on the market, so they’ll get the job done for at least some time. However, they require much more upkeep and you’ll probably have to change them after a few months. 


Higher Quality Materials

Next, there are the garage carpets made in New Zealand, which are thought of as better quality but tend to come at a steeper price range. Of course, every manufacturer is slightly different, but supporting local business often comes with a premium. Not to mention, the design choices may be slightly limited if you do decide to purchase garage carpeting from a New Zealand vendor.

Arguably, the highest quality carpeting comes from Europe. These garage carpets are often more affordable than New Zealand ones while having equal or greater quality. They also come with a high degree of UV protection, are water-proof and made to withstand New Zealand weather.


Our Offer

Our most popular Garage Pro carpet for garage comes from a Belgian company that is the biggest garage carpeting manufacturer in the world. We believe in the quality of these carpets so much that we offer a 5-year colour-fast warranty, as well as lifetime delamination and zippering guarantee.


The Longevity Factor 

When considering the cost of carpeting your garage, you have to think about whether the chosen provider, installer or manufacturer offers a good long-term solution. Most people tend to become so attached to their carpeting, that they want to keep it for a very long time. So, the longevity of the garage carpet has to be a deciding factor before you make your purchase.

The low-quality models tend to get a lot of wear and tear on them quickly, and can even absorb moisture and cause water damage to walls and floors in your garage. To avoid that, you’ll likely have to change them every few months, and they will end up costing you much more in the long run.

However, with our premium quality Belgium carpeting, you’ll get years and years of use, and won’t have to replace the carpeting for a long time.


The Average Price for Carpeting a Single Garage

As we mentioned, the cost of carpeting a garage depends on several factors. However, for a single garage in NZ, you can expect to pay around $300 for a DIY roll, and anywhere around and upwards of $500 for a professional installation.

However, do keep in mind that if you decide to buy a DIY roll, you’ll also have to purchase a good floor protector, and do a lot of the work on the surface yourself.