What Are Melbourne’s Hidden Gems?

Melbourne’s suburbs prove that not everything that’s amazing has to be big, and right in your face. On the contrary, the best things you can experience lay just slightly off the beaten track. Curious to know what these hidden gems are? Keep reading!

Chill Out and Relax in Sippy Downs

Even though Sippy Downs is known as a knowledge hub, offering plenty of work opportunities in the field — it has a different, laidback, side to it. There’s a yoga centre, several resorts, as well as Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden.

The suburb is quite calm in general, and it’s one of the best places to come to when you want to relax. This is what attracts so many visitors here and ultimately keeps them as permanent residents.

However, Sippy Downs also has fun activities for those who want to stay more active. During many days and nights, you’ll find young people hanging out in the skate parks or golf terrain.

South Yarra’s Lively Atmosphere

South Yarra is one of the liveliest Melbourne suburbs for several reasons. First of all, it has an estimated population of 25,000, and it’s very close to Melbourne’s CBD (only 4km away). Additionally, it has so many cool shops and cafes, as well as a nightlife culture.

The suburb has several landmarks, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Jam Factory, and Prahran Market. However, South Yarra isn’t exactly all fun and no work. On the contrary, it’s one of the few suburbs with an abundant number of working opportunities. Additionally, it provides great schooling options, making it ideal for young people.

With all of this in mind, it’s kind of surprising that there hasn’t been a greater influx of people in the suburb. After all, it’s amenities, culture and communities make South Yarra ideal for many types of people, from working professionals, students, to families with children.

That being said, just as was the case with Sippy Downs, the people who come here for a visit tend to fall in love with the suburb pretty quickly.

The Tiny Neighborhoods of Officer

Officer is somewhat farther away from Melbourne than the previous suburbs we’ve mentioned, which makes it a great undiscovered gem. The quaint suburb is located 48km from the CBD and offers visitors an atmosphere of calm, and connectivity to both nature and your fellow man.

The suburb is made up of many different neighbourhoods (such as Hillstowe Officer), all of which come with their unique style. However, some things that all of these areas have in common is that there are plenty of parks, green spaces, and friendly faces all around. Additionally, the housing is typically built as medium density, allowing everyone to space to breathe and grow on their own.

Thanks to all of these qualities, Officer is very popular with both families with children and retirees. There are also a lot of working professionals living in the area, and they don’t seem to mind commuting to their jobs, as long as they can go back to their homes in Officer.

Final Thoughts

All of these suburbs offer something unique to their residents and visitors, and it’s all hidden in plain sight! Whether you want to visit South Yarra’s Prahran Market, or just admire the beautiful architecture on the street of Hillstowe Officer — you’ll surely enjoy visiting these hidden gems.